What’s Funnier?

April 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Welcome to a new series of blog posts titled “What’s Funnier?” I’m just going to compare two random situations, objects, types of people, etc. that I happen to find hilarious. They often will not directly relate to each other, actually the probably never will, but that’s the fun of it.

So here we go: What’s funnier? A really drunk guy failing to stand up straight when handing the bouncer his ID or Someone hitting a terrible golf shot?

Last night, I witnessed a guy stumble around and nearly pass out while the bouncer checked his ID. Because this was Main Street in St. Charles, I could tell the bouncer actually briefly considering whether or not to let the guy in. The guy trying to get in was about to pass out, and the bouncer actually thought “Well, we could just charge him extra for cover” before realizing how horrible of an idea it was to let an extremely blacked out off-balanced guy into a bar with multiple staircases and balconies.

Anyway, seeing this guy nearly fall over was hilarious.

But is it as funny as seeing someone chunk the shit out of a golf shot, or better yet completely whiff? I went golfing last Sunday with AJ, Ted and James, and was rolling the entire time because at least one of us would fuck up our shot every time we shot (we were playing a four-man scramble).

So which do you think is funnier?


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